Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September fun!

Mom & Lilee came to visit us. We were so excited to have family visiting! We went to Chuck e cheese to celebrate Lilees early 7th birthday. Both Lil & Knox had a blast! 

Then of course for dinner we went out for sushi. Our favorite!! 
So happy they got to visit. We've missed everyone back home so much! 


Eric has had a couple softball games & we love going to them! I hope Knox gets his sport talent because if he takes after me... Well... He'll be twirling in the soccer field, getting a Tball to the face & somehow always hitting the volleyball backward. Fingers crossed. 


Ohh this little boy. He has my whole heart. Every mother feels this way & I understand completely. I feel I'm the luckiest woman in the world with the cutest little boy ever born! He's taught me so much about myself & the parent I want to be for him. I've been blessed with a great life! 


My sister, brother in law & cute baby niece came to visit us too. Two family visits in one month, we are lucky! Brittany was also celebrating her birthday so we got to have a lot of fun with them too. Went to the mall, dinner, out on the town & lots of bonding time! 

Knox likes the kiddie rides at the mall :)

These two!!!! Such cuties! 

Took them out on the town & had a blast with them! 

& this guy <3

My great grandfather passed away on the 11th. I wish we could of spent more time with him but all my memories of him are cherished. He gave the best hugs & the stories from my aunts & uncles were always of a hard working farmer who never gave up. I'm grateful for my family & to know we will see him again someday  

Thursday, September 5, 2013

It's September... Already?

This last week was a great one. We were able to get our first brand new car!! Well, a crossover SUV technically ;) Neither of us have ever owned anything brand new so this was pretty exciting. We wouldn't have been able to do it without my income with Queens & Kings of Green so we are both so grateful that I have the opportunity to work from home. Meet our new Mazda CX-5!! 

Knox enjoys the new ride too. He can see out the windows better now & his favorite is when I get phone calls & talk through the car on Bluetooth. He thinks its so funny to hear everyone out loud haha 

Eric spent Sunday plasti dipping our wheels. Until we are able to get new ones, these look great! Plasti dip is like a spray paint kind of... But safe on cars & paint. You can peel it off & the paint will be like brand new underneath. Pretty cool & makes the car look so much better :) 


We missed the hot air balloon launch in the morning here in Boise but luckily made it for the "nite glow" in the evening. We met up with our friend Jenn & her son Jack, they've become good friends of ours here. 

I wouldn't say Knox enjoys a shoulder ride... Doesn't look like dad does either haha guess someone is scared of heights like his momma!

In front of the glowing balloons. Knox couldn't take his eyes off of them

They had a live band, lots of vendors & of course the glowing balloons. Really cool to see! 

Someone was pretty sleepy after balloon watching at the park...

Rummy has been a new favorite game of ours. We play it close to every single night... :/ I guess this is the life of stay in parents haha. We have fun teasing each other & take our turns being sore losers. 


Oh, Mr. Knox. He's growing up too fast for my liking... He isn't talking yet other than the occasional "mom" "momma" "dad" & "dadda" which I guess are the most important words ;) but he's definitely into everything else! He loves to play peek-a-boo & "I'm gonna get you!" these are big games in our house. Running all over the place & making messes is pretty important stuff in our home!! ;)

This sweet face... 


Well guys, I did it!! I'm no longer a brunette. The color went a little lighter than our end result goal but I like it! We might color it again a little darker depending on how much it fades these next couple weeks. My aunt Krista came to Boise to visit so we did each others hair. She's the greatest! 

That's it for this last week!! 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's been a while...

It's been a while since I've posted so we will just jump into the last couple weeks... Knox is officially getting into EVERYTHING! He opens drawers, cupboards,  DVD case, even doors! It's becoming more difficult to keep him contained.. 

Britt & baby J came to visit. Those visits are our favorite. These kids are so much fun together. Talking baby talk & Knox always tries to sit on her haha 

This baby girl is a doll. A little doll with some adorable rolls!! Sure love this baby girl 

I love having nice places to go out here so we can get all dressed up. This was for our friend Matt's big 3-0! I'm glad we've been able to make some good friends over here 

Well my cute VW Passat finally drove her last drive. The transmission went out in it & it just wasn't worth fixing SO we've been a one car family for a while. Tough stuff! Especially since I can't drive a standard & that's what Eric's Subaru is... He even tried teaching me in a church parking lot... He hasn't let me try again :/ haha anyway, onto the next chapter, getting a new car! I'm very excited. This was doing some car shopping, I think Knox is excited too :) 

Love these boys

We took Knox to the Boise Fair. We had a lot of fun. He didn't enjoy the petting zoo though.

Little cowboy! 

He's special...

He loved all the lights on the rides

Long night at the fair, he was pooped!! 


We signed up for our first 5k a couple months ago with plans to "train" for it. Well... Summer fun got the best of us & we didn't prep run at all. It was still fun to do as a family though! Eric ran the whole time & finished in 25 minutes. I'm not sure how long it took Knox & I with the stroller but I jogged a good amount of the time so it wasn't too bad. This was called the ColorRun, you get blasted with all kinds of pastels!! 
Before the run, all clean here! 

Knox loved everything going on & even in the stroller he got some color too! 

So colorful...

The group of us that ran together

I will be better at posting more often!! Until next time... ;)